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Terms and conditions of the KLICK100 bonus promotion
1. Description of the bonus promotion KLICK100
KlickOwn AG grants a limited number of a maximum of one hundred customers a one-time bonus of EUR 100 as a deposit bonus on a new investment of at least EUR 1,000 in one of the projects offered on the KlickOwn platform in accordance with these terms of participation. The bonus is exclusively granted in the form of KSA or KWK tokens of the corresponding subordinated token-based bond.

2. Participation process
  1. Register on https://www.klickown.com/de/ and carry out customer verification.
  2. Select any project and specify a minimum investment of EUR 1,000.
  3. Enter the bonus code KLICK100. (NOTE: If this bonus promotion has already ended, the message "Invalid Code" will bedisplayed when entering the bonus code).
  4. Deposit the investment amount of at least EUR 1,000. (NOTE: Only then the bonus code will be effectively redeemed)
3. Who can receive the bonus?
A maximum of one hundred KlickOwn AG customers can receive the deposit bonus, regardless of whether they are new or existing customers. A customer is defined as a natural person or legal entity with a (residential) domicile in Germany and a user account with KlickOwn AG and a completed customer verification process. The minimum age of the customer must be 18 years for a natural person.
4. Further conditions of participation:
5. When can I receive the bonus?
After successful participation in this bonus promotion according to our terms and conditions and after the financing target of the respective project has been reached, the KSA or KWK tokens of the project will be automatically transferred to the customer's wallet.
6. Until when is this bonus promotion valid?
The bonus promotion ends when a maximum of 100 customers have received and redeemed the deposit bonus, but no later than 12/31/2020 at 00:00h. After the end of the bonus promotion, the bonus code cannot be entered in the designated field and it loses its validity.
7. Miscellaneous
Before making an investment, please consult the relevant securities information sheet (WIB) and the terms and conditions of the respective subordinated token-based bond.
We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.

Status: 12/01/2020
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