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Welcome to the KlickOwn press corner. Here you can find all important material and information about KlickOwn. Find out who we are and how we’re reinventing real estate investing and what it means to operate a fair and independent online platform.
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What the media says about KlickOwn

Even with small contributions, investors should be able to participate in individual properties costing millions of euros. In this way the illiquid real estate is to be packed into a liquid product for investment.
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The Hamburg start-up KlickOwn makes it possible to invest for as little as ten euros. Currently in a residential building in Lueneburg.
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Bitbond and KlickOwn bring tokenized real estate bond with a minimum investment of 10 euros.
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The online platform KlickOwn and the tokenisation platform Bitbond have tokenised a historic house via a jointly launched blockchain real estate bond.
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Latest press releases

08 July 2020
Successful cooperation with Bankhaus von der Heydt and Bitbond: KlickOwn completes first issuance
4 March 2020
Online platform for digital real estate investments KlickOwn enters into strategic partnership with Netfonds AG
12 December 2019
KlickOwn and Bitbond announce strategic partnership and plan to digitize real estate investments

Our vision is to make real estate investing accessable to everyone

KlickOwn enables everyone to invest fully digitally in top-tier real estate without barriers and benefit from the opportunities of the real estate market. Our team of experts makes investments in hand-picked real estate accessible for everyone by applying state of the art technology. We democratise real estate!

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