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We are proud to present our first investment opportunity:

Historical Lueneburg

The historic building is located on the middle of the impressive Lueneburg Old Town and was first mentioned in 1342.
Semi annual interest payments
Invest from
€ 10
Semi annual interest payments
Invest from
€ 10
Semi annual interest payments
Invest from
€ 10
Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg
Exp. rate of return p.a.
5.00 %
Distribution yield p.a.
Type of property
Residential & commercial
Project type
Existing property
Lueneburg (Germany)
3 years
Asset class
Token-based bond
PG Lueneburg 1 GmbH
of funded ()
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Performance of real estate

Annual returns of real estate funds have outperformed estimations over the past 5 years (2014-2019).
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Why KlickOwn?

Security and transparency:
The real estate industry is governed by intermediaries and lacks transparency. Retail investors cannot or can only hardly invest in single, specific and small real estate projects. Moreover, the recent economic developments such as negative interest rates result in the fact that especially private investors open up for alternative investment possibilities. Nevertheless for most private investors investing in real estate is hardly possible due to high entry barriers. With KlickOwn, we now provide a solution for everyone to easily invest fully digitally in real estate with very low capital. We make use of modern blockchain technology to guarantee the highest possible degree of transparency for your investment.

Benefits of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology enables KlickOwn to digitize real estate investment opportunities. This process is called "tokenization". Tokenized assets transform the capital formation process by automating costly compliance requirements through a transparent and immutable ledger, making the involvement of expensive banks and notaries redundant.
Digital ownership
24/7 global markets
Automated compliance
Rapid settlement
Increased liquidity
Cost reduction
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