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Your savings plan in high-yield real estate
Asset accumulation starting from € 25 per month
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With our uncomplicated savings plan, you benefit from flexibility and take care of your financial future today:
Save as little as €25 per month
Flexible adjustment of the savings plan at any time
Quick and easy access to your own money
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Exclusive offer:
Sign up now and secure a € 20 voucher for your savings plan.
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How to get access to KlickOwn FLEX:

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Sign up for free and open a KlickOwn user account. A verified user account provides the basis for a savings plan.
Savings Plan
Select your individual savings plan and adjust it to your personal needs. You can adjust your monthly savings rate at any time.
Accumulate assets
Thanks to continuous deposits and revenues, your property accumulates automatically.
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Your advantages

Comfortable asset accumulation
The monthly savings rate is regularly debited from your reference account by direct debit every month it and invested in exclusive real estate projects, promoted via the KlickOwn platform.

All interest payments and bond repayments are automatically re-invested during the savings plan duration.
Automatic risk diversification
A diversified property portfolio is automatically created with your investment amount. Your money is solely invested in real estate projects promoted via the KlickOwn platform.
Attractive returns
KlickOwn FLEX has a planned maximum term and a minimum savings period. Moreover, you can benefit from an attractive fixed annual return. Details about terms and returns will be announced soon.

Coming soon

Frequently asked questions

When will KlickOwn FLEX be availale?

KlickOwn Flex will be available soon. The launch is planned for Q1 2021.

How can I invest with KlickOwn FLEX?

With KlickOwn FLEX you define a monthly savings amount, which can then be collected from your account month by month via direct debit. Of course you can increase, reduce or terminate your savings rate at any time according to your individual wishes. With KlickOwn FLEX you transfer one or more individual amounts yourself.

For which type of investor KlickOwn FLEX is suitable?

The offering is intended for all risk-taking investors who want to invest money for a longer period of time (up to 10 years) and no longer have to worry about reinvesting current income and maintaining a sufficiently diversified portfolio. The investment is not suitable for investors who cannot economically bear the loss of interest payments and/or the partial or complete loss of the invested capital. The investment is also not suitable for investors who must be able to access the invested capital at a certain point in time.

What is the minimum monthly savings rate?

Investing in KlickOwn FLEX is possible from as little as € 25 when a savings plan is set up. There is no maximum investment amount - you can therefore invest in KlickOwn FLEX in any amount.

When will the monthly savings amount be debited from my bank account?

Once the savings plan has been successfully set up, the savings amount is regularly debited from your reference account by direct debit on the 13th of each month or the following bank working day. On the 15th of the month or 2 bank working days after direct debit, the savings plan is executed and the savings amount is invested in selected real estate projects.

Can I change or adjust my monthly savings rate?

The amount of the monthly savings amount can be adjusted at any time in the user dashboard online banking. The savings plan can also be terminated at any time. Please note that KlickOwn FLEX has a minimum savings period. When setting up, adjusting and terminating the savings plan, there is a 10-day period before the savings plan is executed: If you set up your savings plan up to and including the fourth day of a month, the savings plan will be executed in the same month for the first time. If you set up your savings plan after the fourth day of a month instead, the savings plan will be executed for the first time in the following month. The same 10-day period must be observed when adjusting the savings amount and when terminating the savings plan.
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