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Frequently asked questions

What is KlickOwn?

KlickOwn enables everyone to invest completely digitally and barrier-free in high-yield properties. Invest without fees, starting from a minimum investment of € 10 and secure up to 5% p.a. return on your investment. With KlickOwn you benefit from maximum transparency and flexibility. Our platform is the future of real estate investing.

Who can invest?

Anyone who is not a U.S. citizien under FATCA can invest on our platform. There are no minimum capital requirements or complicated processes to go through. Simply go through our KYC/AML process and you are ready to start investing today.

When can I transfer my digital investment (security tokens)?

At the end of the subscription phase of a digital security, the digital capital investment (security token) is booked into your personal wallet (digital wallet). In theory, you can sell these tokens immediately at a cooperating, decentralized exchanges.

Is the usage of KlickOwn for free?

Yes, we do not charge any additional fees for using the KlickOwn platform. There may be third-party fees such as bank transfer fees or blockchain transaction fees when sending your funds but these fees are paid by KlickOwn.

When can I expect returns?

Each project has a specified rate of return and investors receive regular Interest payments. Your investment will be paid back after a specified period of time depending on the terms of the project.

Are the rates of return guaranteed?

Expected return rates per real estate project are outlined in the particular information documents. Please note, that every investment is associated with a certain degree of risk.

How can I invest?

You can easily invest by paying by a SEPA bank transfer. We are planning to add additional payment methods in the future.

What happens if an investment goal is not reached?

If a property crowd sale is not successful (meaning the project`s threshold is is not reached), your funds will be returned to you.

How will the digital investment (security tokens) be distributed after the investment period?

With the end of the initial investing period of each project, KlickOwn will distribute your digital investment (security tokens) to your personal KlickOwn user account. We aim to provide the highest possible degree of transparency for your investment.

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