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Historical Lueneburg

The historic building is located on the middle of the impressive Lueneburg Old Town and was first mentioned in 1342.
Semi annual interest payments
Invest from
€ 10
Semi annual interest payments
Invest from
€ 10
Semi annual interest payments
Invest from
€ 10
Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg
Exp. rate of return p.a.
5.00 %
Distribution yield p.a.
Type of property
Residential & commercial
Project type
Existing property
Lueneburg (Germany)
3 years
Asset class
Token-based bond
PG Lueneburg 1 GmbH
of funded ()
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* The forecast is a 3-year average
Exp. rate of return p.a.
5.00% p.a.
Financing volume
€ 1,500,000
Minimum investment
€ 10

Project Highligts

Historical residential and commercial building in the impressive old town of Lueneburg (Germany)
Strong anchor tenant on ground floor with KiK textile discounter (3-year rental contract)
Property already fully pre-financed
Very attractive net purchase price factor: 22.09
Lucrative value appreciation potential
Excellent track record of the real estate partner NSI Netfonds Structured Investments GmbH backed by its mother company Netfonds AG

The Property at a Glance

Units (residential)
3 (+2)
Units (commercial)
Rental space (residential)
313,50 m²
Rental space (commercial)
559,70 m²
Further space (expansion reserve)
157,59 m²
Total rental space
1,030.79 m²
Year of construction

Rental Income

Avg. rent per m²
€ 11.45
Current rent p.a.
€ 114,060
Target rent p.a. (upon completion)
€ 144,367

Macro Location

The Hanseatic city of Lueneburg is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in northern Germany. The historical architecture, the monuments, and the lively city life attract young and old, students and tourists. The population of the university town is now over 77,000 and is steadily increasing. The historic building with a total rental area of 1,030 m² is located on a plot of 523 m² in the middle of the beautiful old town of Lueneburg and was first mentioned in 1342. As one of the oldest houses in Lueneburg, this property fits seamlessly into the medieval cityscape of the Hanseatic city. In the last five years, the property has undergone extensive development. Extensive redevelopment measures and a completely new spatial division took place.

Micro Location

The property is located in the heart of the impressive old town with various retailers, cafés and small restaurants just around the corner. Kindergartens, schools, primary schools and secondary schools are nearby. The object is well connected to the public transport with buses and S-Bahn (approx. 300 m). The motorway A39 is in approx. 3 km and the federal road 209 is in approx. 2.5 km to reach.

Financial Figures

On the basis of an inventory term of 3 years, all costs incurred for the purchase, issue and management have been calculated. These figures are calculated to the best of our knowledge and belief and already include buffers for maintenance costs and non-apportionable costs. The net rental income is increased in the course of the 3 years by the creation of additional living space.
Value of the property according to expert report
Market value
€ 2,520,000
Investment cost
Purchase price property
€ 2,520,000
Net purchase price factor
Pre-financing costs
€ 500,340
Liquidity reserve
€ 30,203
Total project costs
€ 3,050,543
Capital distribution
Investment capital (KlickOwn investors)
€ 1,500,000
Loan from external capital (bank).
€ 1,550,543

Annual Financial Forecast

Income & expenses
Net rental income
2020: € 115,394 (from 2021: € 145,667)
Administration costs
2020: € 5,608 (from 2021: € 7,137)
Property management
Loss of rental risk
2020: € 5,770 (from 2021: € 7,283)
Interest payments
2020: € 34,960 (from 2021: € 33,911)
2020: € 4,554 (from 2021: € 5,229)
Result of the property
2020: € 64,502 (from 2021: € 92,107)
Redemption payments
2020: € 45,600 (from 2021: € 46,619)
Distribution yield
5% p.a.
* Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

The Investment

With the digital real estate investment "Historical Lueneburg" you have the possibility to benefit from the opportunites of the real estate market. You invest your money in a digital capital investment linked to an exclusive property in Lueneburg (Germany) and receive regular interest payments to your account.
Attractive distribution yield of 5.00% p. a. and semi-annual interest payments.
Additional participation in potential future value increases of the property.
Expected total return through rent distributions and sales profit sharing in the amount of approx. 5.0 %* per year.
High transparency of key financial figures as well as non-recurring and ongoing costs.
The asset class is a bond (Token-based bearer bond) that is held in the form of a digital capital investment (security token) on the Stellar blockchain. This infrastructure offers great advantages in terms of transaction speed and cost reduction in the medium term.
Costs (e.g. expansion & maintenance) can have a negative impact on yield distributions.
There are no reliable forecasts regarding future performance. Only estimates can be made here.
The occurrence of the forecasts depends on sufficient rental income and the value development of the property.
More transparency is not a criterion for greater security, but it does make it easier for you to make your own decisions.
This infrastructure is new and not widespread in Europe. This results in technological and regulatory risks.
* Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Additional information

We are proud to present the first digital real estate investment opportunity to our users. Our first project is a real jewel. Together with our partner NSI Netfonds Structured Investments GmbH, we have a secured a listed residential and commercial building in a prestigious location in the Hanseatic city of Lueneburg. In case of any questions related to KlickOwn or this property please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.
Key facts
Interest rate p.a.
3 years
Asset class
Token-based bearer bond
Interest payments
1st interest period: 01 February 2020 - 31 July 2020; all further interest period begin on 01 February and 01 August of a calendar year and end after six months on 31 July and 31 January respectively.
Type of property
Residential & commercial
Type of security
Mortgage, guarantees
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Responsible asset manager

NSI Netfonds Structured Investments GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Netfonds AG from Hamburg. Its business purpose is the purchase, processing, development and marketing of real estate as well as participation in real estate, property developers and initiators. In addition, it offers conception services, advises companies and offers administrative and management services for other companies.
Heiko Fassel
Chief Representative
NSI Netfonds Structured Investments GmbH
Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg

What is KlickOwn?

KlickOwn enables everyone to invest completely digitally and barrier-free in high-yield properties. Invest without fees, starting from a minimum investment of € 10 and secure up to 5% p.a. return on your investment. With KlickOwn you benefit from maximum transparency and flexibility. Our platform is the future of real estate investing.

Who can invest?

Anyone who is not a U.S. citizien under FATCA can invest on our platform. There are no minimum capital requirements or complicated processes to go through. Simply go through our KYC/AML process and you are ready to start investing today.

When can I transfer my digital investment (security tokens)?

At the end of the subscription phase of a digital security, the digital capital investment (security token) is booked into your personal wallet (digital wallet). In theory, you can sell these tokens immediately at a cooperating, decentralized exchanges.

Is the usage of KlickOwn for free?

Yes, we do not charge any additional fees for using the KlickOwn platform. There may be third-party fees such as bank transfer fees or blockchain transaction fees when sending your funds but these fees are paid by KlickOwn.

When can I expect returns?

Each project has a specified rate of return and investors receive regular Interest payments. Your investment will be paid back after a specified period of time depending on the terms of the project.

Are the rates of return guaranteed?

Expected return rates per real estate project are outlined in the particular information documents. Please note, that every investment is associated with a certain degree of risk.

How can I invest?

You can easily invest by paying by a SEPA bank transfer. We are planning to add additional payment methods in the future.

What happens if an investment goal is not reached?

If a property crowd sale is not successful (meaning the project`s threshold is is not reached), your funds will be returned to you.

How will the digital investment (security tokens) be distributed after the investment period?

With the end of the initial investing period of each project, KlickOwn will distribute your digital investment (security tokens) to your personal KlickOwn user account. We aim to provide the highest possible degree of transparency for your investment.
Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg
Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg
Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg
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Historical Lueneburg
Am Sande 38/39, 21335 Lueneburg
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Why to invest with us?

The real estate industry is governed by intermediaries and lacks transparency. Retail investors cannot or can only hardly invest in single, specific and small real estate projects. Moreover, the recent economic developments such as negative interest rates result in the fact that especially private investors open up for alternative investment possibilities. Nevertheless for most private investors investing in real estate is hardly possible due to high entry barriers. With KlickOwn, we now provide a solution for everyone to easily invest fully digitally in real estate with very low capital. We make use of modern blockchain technology to guarantee the highest possible degree of transparency for your investment.
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